SPI Web & Interfaces are our fully featured collection of web applications, web services and interfaces.


Web Applications are web portals that enable real-time, 24/7, secure access to SPI Software features and functionality resulting in higher satisfaction from your owners and guests - and less work for your staff.

Information entered through the SPI Web Applications is immediately reflected in the SPI Orange System at the properties.

Web Services are a standardized way of integrating applications that communicate over the World Wide Web.

Whether a mobile application, search engine or an enterprise system, the user piece of the application (the interface) resides on a local device. The data, and potentially the business rules, live on some other server on the network. How the local device communicates with the server is the role of Web Services.

Owner Connect

SPI Owner Connect is a website application that provides a self-service portal for timeshare owners. Owner Connect provides real-time, secure owner transactions including:

  • Rental Agreement

  • Distribution Calculation

  • Distribution Tracking

  • Owner Statement

Guest Connect

SPI Guest Connect is a website application that provides a self-service portal for non-owner resort guests. Guest Connect provides real-time, secure guest reservation transactions including:

  • Website Application

  • Self-Service Portal

  • Non-Owner Reservations

OPC Connect

SPI OPC Connect is a website application that allows off-premise contact (OPC) sales personnel and other tour vendors to market your property by remotely booking tours. OPC Connect includes:

  • Website Application

  • OPC Sales Personnel

  • Tour Vendors

  • Mobile Device Remote Booking

Pulse Connect

SPI Pulse Connect is a website application that provides a dashboard to supply property owners and managers with online reporting and key performance business indicators in real-time. Pulse Connect includes:

  • Sales Dashboard

  • Fully Mobile Enabled

Housekeeping Connect

SPI Housekeeping Connect is a website application that provides resort managers with a “ready to go” web-based application for mobile devices that facilitates day-to-day housekeeping processes for their occupied and vacant room inventory. 


  • Automated process for management’s assignment of rooms to housekeepers. 

  • An interactive, real-time housekeeper flow of information.

  • Provides management with room status updates, personnel tracking and robust reporting.

Web Services API

Today’s connected world requires a web-based approach to embrace the way that people access and process information such as with mobile devices. 


SPI Orange delivers powerful web-based solutions through our “Connect” series of applications that extend the SPI software system to portals that manage owners, guests, OPC’s and sales reporting. These SPI web services leverage business objectives across multiple platforms such as desktops, mobile devices, browsers and network connections. 


The growing set of SPI Interfaces facilitates enhanced services for our clients by providing a full complement of integrations with our industry’s solution providers such as Concord, Equiant, SiteMinder, iHotelier, ProfitRoom, RCI, DAE, Shift4, FNTC, Vacation Guard and Comtrol having support for over 600 resort and hotel systems.

  • Reservations

  • Inventory availability

  • Make a payment

  • Print a statement

  • Update Owners information

  • Track available usage (nights/points)


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