With the SPI Server-based Platform Option, the SPI Orange Series timeshare software is installed and operates on client-server architecture whereby the server is owned and managed by the resort. The location of the server and database can be on-site, or in a remote data center, or perhaps in the cloud as a hosted service.

In the Server-based Platform Option, the SPI Orange Series is installed and operates on a network of servers and workstations that can deliver the SPI Software solution to a single report property, or an unlimited number of resorts that are interconnected through a global wide-area network (WAN). 

This option is especially effective in areas where reliable, persistent Internet access is not available. 

Server-based Computing

Server-based computing is a model in which a local area network consisting of file servers and workstations host, deliver and manage most of the resources and services that are used by the client.


This type of architecture has one or more workstation computers connected to one or more file servers over a network. This system shares computing resources.

Server-based computing is also known as a networking computing model or client-server network because all the requests and services are delivered over a network.

Server-based Platform Option Architecture

The overall architecture of the Server-based Platform Option is designed to provide the workstations located throughout the property with reliable access to the SPI Orange Series applications. This reliable access is usually accomplished via a hard-wired connection from each workstation to the servers via a local area network (LAN).


The Server-based Platform Option is especially effective in areas where reliable, persistent Internet connections are not available.

Server-based Platform Option Advantages

The advantages of providing the SPI Orange Series using the Server-based Platform Option include:

  • Centralization of Control

    • Access to the network and resources as well as the integrity of the data are controlled by dedicated file servers

  • Scalability

    • The capacity of any individual workstation can be increased at any time. New workstations can also be added

  • Easy Maintenance

    • Individual hardware components can be repaired, replaced or upgraded at any time with a minimal effect


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