SPI's RCI Interface is our automated, fully integrated interface with RCI’s Global Exchange Network.  The connection provides access to RCI’s affiliated resorts with far greater efficiency when handling exchanges with RCI.


Through three core exchange programs, RCI Weeks®, RCI Points® and The Registry Collection®, RCI helps its members take the vacations of their dreams and explore the world through nearly 4,500 affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries. Members can also enjoy other great deals on rental opportunities, cruises and transportation as well as a host of other travel and lifestyle benefits through the RCI Platinum® membership tier. 


  • Streamline the Exchange Process: The SPI Orange Series RCI-Connect Interface improves the manner in which RCI exchanges are handled by eliminating inefficient manual practices.

  • Automated Deposit Verifications : The process of approving deposit verification will now be highly automated and take place instantly, saving administration time and increasing owner satisfaction. 

  • Owner Update Synchronization:   Automatic owner update entry of in-bound RCI reservations for increased accuracy, cost savings and improved service quality to your timeshare owners. 

  • Real-time Updates: The RCI-Connect Interface will create efficiencies so that your Resort staff are free to focus on more productive activities.


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