SPI's Pulse-Connect is part of the new generation of SPI cloud-based applications that extend the Orange timeshare software platform. Pulse-Connect is a website application that provides a dashboard to supply property owners and managers with online reporting and real-time key performance business indicators in real-time; anytime and anywhere globally. 

SPI Pulse-Connect runs on all device types including desktops, mobile phones and tablets whether Apple or Android powered.  Management information is presented both statistically and in graphical form for quick recognition of trends while providing world-class performance and security.


  • Business Statistics Access:  Visualize and combine data from many areas of the business in one place. Dashboards will display your key metrics clearly on desktops, tablets, or smartphone devices. 

  • Real-time Reporting: Automatically update key metrics to gain insights from the business in real time. No more waiting for reports to be sent.

  • Supercharge Performance: Real-time dashboards increase transparency and accountability which help motivate your workforce

  • Drill-Down Analysis: With the click of the mouse or through a mobile device touchscreen, executives can drill down into the exact data they want.


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