SPI Software’s flagship product, the “SPI Orange Series” is accessed using 1 of 3 Platform Options.


The Platform Options are Cloud-based, Server-based, or a Combination (Hybrid) of the two.

Irrespective of the Platform Option selected, the SPI Orange Series includes a comprehensive set of modules that provide a world-class timeshare resort management solution.


The scope of modules includes solutions for marketing, sales, property management, loan servicing, maintenance fee servicing, receivables management, centralized reservations, owner services, and website applications.
The SPI Orange Series Software is fully scalable with a robust SQL database design and currently supports customers that range from stand-alone properties to scaled, multi-resort operations. 

With the Cloud-based Platform Option, the SPI Orange Series is installed and hosted in a cloud-based platform environment. 

Your team uses the SPI applications over the Internet using thin-client hardware including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


One monthly fee includes the software license, hosting, support and updates.

The advantages of the SPI Cloud-based Platform Option include:

  • Lower upfront costs.

  • Reduced time to installation.

  • Improved scalability.

  • Increased security.

  • Reliable backups.

The Server-based Platform Option uses a traditional client-server architecture where the SPI Orange Series Software is installed and operates on a network of servers and workstations that you own and control - usually located on your property.

This model is especially effective in areas where reliable, persistent Internet access is not available.

The advantages of the SPI Server-based Platform Option include:

  • No reliance on a working Internet connection.

  • Centralization of control.

  • Scalability.

  • Easy maintenance.

In the Hybrid Platform Option, the SPI Orange Series  are accessed using both the Server-based Platform and the Cloud-based Platform Options.

With the Hybrid Platform Option, mission critical modules of the SPI Orange Series are accessed using the Server-based Platform Option while ancillary modules are accessed using the Cloud-based Platform Option. 

The Hybrid Platform Option is particularly effective in areas where your Internet connections can be intermittent.

The advantages of the SPI Hybrfid Platform Option include:

  • Mission critical SPI Orange Series modules are accessed through the reliability of the local area network using the Server-based Platform Option.

  • Ancillary SPI Orange Series modules are accessed via the Cloud-based Platform Option with the resultant reduction in software and support costs.


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