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SPI's Owner-Connect portal is a web application that provides a self-service portal for timeshare software owners. Owner-Connect delivers 24/7/365 access. The overall result is much higher satisfaction from your owners… and less work for your staff.


The Owner-Connect portal is completely integrated to the SPI Orange system and provides real-time, secure owner transactions including reservations, banking, points, monthly mortgage and Maintenance Dues payments.


Implementation options: Choose from an SPI turnkey installation that includes customization of your website look and feel; or directly access the SPI-Orange source code and manage the Owner-Connect portal with your existing in-house or third-party web resources

Owner Contact Reporting:                 

  •  Resort Availability

  •  Reservations

  •  Owner Stay History

  •  Owner Points History

  •  Owner Account Statement

  •  Owner Payment

  •  Owner Customer Service Requests

  •  Document & News Publishing

  •  Ongoing Web Development


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