SPI’s OPC-Connect is a web application that allows off-premise contact (OPC) sales personnel and other tour vendors to market your property by remotely booking tours through mobile devices like tablets and phones over the cloud. No matter where the OPCs are physically located, they can securely connect via commonly available mobile devices and connections to book vacation ownership property tours.

The OPC-Connect application has been designed with the remote OPC in mind. The application will operate equally as well and automatically scale for a Wi-Fi or cell connection to provide each OPC with remote booking and reporting capability. 


  • All Platform and Browsers: Book OPC activity any location and on any device type.

  • Automated Reporting: Automatically update key metrics to your OPC’s to report their stats in real time. No more waiting for reports to be sent.

  • Access: OPC-Connect will display your key metrics clearly on desktop, tablet, iPad or smartphone devices. 

  • Performance: Real-time connections to all of your OPC sales personnel to immediately book tours and check for unwanted duplicate tours.

  • Drill-Down Analysis: With the click of the mouse or through a mobile device touchscreen, executives and managers can immediately access business-critical data.


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