DAE is the world’s largest privately owned vacation ownership exchange company.

The SPI Orange DAE Interface provides client partners with seamless, real time communication between the SPI and DAE technology platforms. 


The Exchange Activity within the Reservations module displays all transactions that were sent and received via the Dial an Exchange (DAE) interface. The transactions are displayed and may be filtered by Resort, Status (DAE and SPI), Reservation ID, Exchange Reservation ID, Exchange Reservation Reference #, Owner ID or Contract ID, and Event or Arrival Date. 


The result is an automated system that efficiently facilitates consumer usage of their vacation time and increases overall satisfaction of product ownership.


  • Reduce Processing Time: This interface significantly reduces processing time at both ends. Resorts and DAE both benefit by streamlined confirmation of incoming guest details.

  • Efficiency: Owners can call their resort directly to deposit their weeks with DAE without having to complete an online form or wait for a printed deposit form to go out in the mail.

  • Inventory Management Tool: For daily operations with the ability to move large amounts of inventory data between the resort's SPI-Orange PMS system and DAE's Exchange Management System.

  • Real-time Communications: Instantaneous communications Between the SPI timeshare software and DAE technology platforms.


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