SPI's Comtrol Interface is comprised of timeshare software that serves as a communication gateway to a wide variety of hospitality systems.


Integrations include:

  • Call Accounting

  • PBX

  • Voicemail

  • Video On Demand

  • Door Lock

  • Internet Billing

  • Energy Management

  • Point of Sale (POS) systems.


  • Simplified Integrations: The Comtrol Interface gateway greatly simplifies SPI-Orange’s interfacing to other hotel/resort systems.

  • Comtrol translates SPI room status data into a language specific to the 3rd party device:For example, send a single ‘Check In’ message to Comtrol.  Comtrol then sends that message to the PBX, Voicemail, Video-on-Demand or Energy Management. 

  • Automated Posting: Posting is also simplified because we are getting the posting messages from one source.  For example, received posting messages will correctly and automatically post the charge to SPI-Orange PMS as a call, movie, internet charge, etc. 


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