With the Combination Platform Option, mission critical SPI Orange Series timeshare and vacation club software applications are installed using the Server-based Platform Option and the ancillary SPI Orange Series applications accessed using the Cloud-based Platform Option.

The SPI Combination Platform Option provides the advantages of both the Cloud-based Platform Option and the Server-based Platform Option.

This Model is especially effective in areas where Internet connections can be intermittent.


Server-based Platform Option Applications

Mission critical SPI Orange Series applications are installed using the Server-based Platform Option. These mission critical applications will vary slightly by individual property, but generally include:

  • Tours

  • Sales Tracking

  • Document Preparation

  • Reservations

  • Central Reservations

  • Property Management

  • Credit Card Processing

Cloud-based Platform Option Applications

There are a number of the SPI Orange Series applications where there may be an advantage to providing those applications using the Cloud-based Platform Option. Those applications may include:


  • Lead Management

  • Premium Inventory

  • Commissions

  • Maintenance Dues

  • Collections

  • Web & Interfaces

    • Owner-Connect Portal

    • Guest-Connect Portal

    • Exchanges

    • GDS/OTA Distribution

Combination Platform Option Advantages

Providing the SPI Orange Series using the Combination Platform Option with applications delivered using both the Server-based Platform and Cloud-based Platform Options, provides the advantages of both platforms. Those advantages include:

  • Lower upfront costs than the Server-based Platform Option

  • No on-site IT support personnel required for for complex yet necessary web-based applications such as Owner-Connect and Guest-Connect

  • Sales & marketing can be performed, in whole or in part, by OPC groups

  • Accounting functions including Maintenance Dues and Collections can be done off-site


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